What Happened When I Used TurboYourPC on My PC & What Others are Saying About It
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TurboYourPC Review

For people who want to have the best performance of your computer and get rid of all those annoying error messages, an registry fix software will come in handy. This kind of software usually clears errors in registry and speed up your computer performance, so you can finish your work in time.

I want to review one of those software called TurboYourPC. There have been quite a lot of reviews about it and mostly gather on the negative side. For consumers who want to buy the software, an objective review clearly weighing advantages and disadvantages could be helpful in decision to purchase.

After installing and running TurboYourPC for some time, I found some flaws and good aspects of the software. My operation system is Windows7 and the running speed is satisfactory. It doesn’t have a sign that it would work on VISTA and they never mention it on their website. However, I think they should have it for new operating system has been around for two years. Some users complained about the popups during installtion, but I didn’t find it. Actually the installaion file is 12.8 mb, which is relatively larger than most of the registry correction softwares, so you take some time to download and install it. It takes only a few clicks to install and 4 other softwares comes with the installation. Novices won’t notice this but experienced users remove it at once. The user interface was friendly and easy to use, here I want to mention it was really good graphically designed.

After running , the software does show some errors but it took so long to scan over all the hard drives. It found some 45 errors, which is classified and details attach to it, not really satisfactory as I have expected. I tested with the same kind of softwares, which have found 67 errors under the same circumstance, so I think it should have come up more, which may pose possible threats to your computer. It has review and fix PC errors options so that you can fix them right away. After finished scanning, my computer run smoothly without showing any errors, it means TurboYourPC is really working, but I didn't feel any changes in working speed.

When I want to uninstall the software in the program menu, it doesn’t show any options. You will have to look it up in the control panel’s add/remove menu to uninstall it, which makes it difficult for novices. The retail price of it is 29.95 dollars, which seems higher with such limited functions.

Overall speaking, TurboYourPC doesn't have so good performance like its good interface, which has a big room for improvement. It is easy to use to novices but the number of errors found is not so much compared with the same kind of software. The price is not reasonable as the functions are litmited. Smart users don’t take the software as a choice since they have better options.